Study: Future Vision for Human Rights

The Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research has issued a study entitled 'A Future Vision for Human Rights'. Former UN Secretary General and current president of the National Council for Human

Dr Mohamed No'man Jalal
Rights in Egypt Dr. Boutris Boutris Ghali introduced the study. Dr Mohamed No'man Jalal, head of strategic studies in the Centre, has commented by saying: the study includes three thorough researches: the first is entitled 'the need for concerted international efforts in the light of the worsening threat of organized terrorism' written by Mr. Ahmad Mustafa; 'Prevention as a New Mechanism to Protect Human Rights' by Mr. Ahmad Ameen Al Maydani and 'A Comprehensive and Periodical Review of Human Rights' by Ibrahim Ali Badwi Al Shakh.

In this regard, Dr. Jalal observed that Bahrain has complied with the Universal Periodical Report's requirements and presented its report in February 2008 for discussion in April of the same year. He added that the report itself has gained the approval of the UN member states attended the discussion and concluded that Bahrain's report, and the way in which it was prepared, could make it a model for other States.