Journalist Lamees Dhaif Faces Charges under Penal Code

Deputy of the Supreme Judicial Council has filed a legal suit against journalist Lamees Dhaif. The well known columnist wrote

Lamees Dhaif
a series of articles in AL- Waqt newspaper entitled ‘Shameful case: The Time for Silence is Over’, which criticized the practices of the judiciary within the context of her call for the adoption of a Family Law in order to alleviate the suffering of women in the Sharia Courts.

Dhaif, a board member of the Bahrain Journalists Association (BJA) said that she received the Public Attorney’s letter and was shocked to find that she was being accused of insulting the Judiciary according to the Penal Code and not the 2002 Press Code, which unlike the former does not impose jail sentences or fines.

Dhaif defended herself by saying that the Supreme Court was attempting to charge her as a citizen and not as a journalist expressing her views on public issues within the framework of the rule of law which protects the right of free expression. She also stressed that her cause was a just one and expressed her willingness to defend it. In the meantime several civil and political societies have shown their solidarity with Dhaif, notably the Bahrain Journalists Association. On its part, The Public Prosecutor has stated that Dhaif will be charged under the Press Law.