Political Societies Condemn the Use of Molotov Cocktails

In a meeting on 7 March 2009, all six major political opposition Societies (al-Ikha, Amal, al-Qawmi, al-Wifaq, al-Taqadumi and Wa’ad) condemned the violent means used by some citizens to express their refusal of the ‘wrong’ policies of Government, as well as the use of the Molotov Cocktail against security forces or civilians, vandalism of public properties, electric power stations, street lights and

the assault of foreign workers.

The Societies called upon the Government and the security forces as well as citizens to respect the right to life and to refrain from the use of violence to solve political disputes. They also demanded that the Government should stop using excessive force with the public and that it should prohibit its forces from using live or plastic ammunition and tear gas in populated areas, and to avoid the use of collective punishment against the inhabitants of villages and neighbourhoods where confrontations take place. On its part, the Ministry of Interior has denied the use of excessive force against protests and demonstrations and replied to the Societies’ statement by saying that it uses force exclusively against outlaws and takes into consideration all human rights aspects.