Qasim Calls for Speeding up Reforms and says Escalation is ‘Unwise’
Sheikh Esa Qasim

On 24th April, Sheikh Esa Qasim called upon the Government to speed up the reform process in order to stop the individuals who wants to take the country to the opposite direction, and in order to put an end to the roots of the problem. He also urged the citizens to invest in the positive outcomes of the royal pardon and to interact with it positively. In addition, he called for more cooperation with the Government for the good of the country and for the sake of its interests, and said that the Government should be given a reasonable chance to push forward the reform process. He also added that resuming tensions is unwise and harms national interest, stressing the need for social tolerance which exists between the two main components of Bahraini society, the Shia and Sunnis, saying that both sects share a common origin, have contributed to the the development of the country and have lived side by side for a long time, sharing the present and future aspirations.