Bahrain Human Rights Society: No to Premature Accusations

Mr. Salman Kamal Al Deen, a member of the Bahrain Human Rights Society has criticized the spreading of false allegations and passing

Mr. Salman Kamal Al Deen
them on to international human rights organizations. Salman was commenting on the alleged torture claim made by Bahraini citizen Jaffar Kazim Ibrahim against members of the security forces which was later revealed to be a purely ‘honour’ related case. Mr. Kamal Al Deen stressed the importance of avoiding hasty judgments and the need to verify any information before disseminating them abroad. He also affirmed that filing accusations without verification undermine the credibility of those behind them, and affect human rights activists and ‘place us in an embarrassing position before international human rights organizations and citizens’.

On the other hand, Dr. Abduallah Al Drazi, the Secretary-General of Bahrain Human Rights Society, commented on the issue by saying that international organizations have their own sources of information and they have been working in Bahrain for years and know exactly what is happening on the ground. He believed that communicating with international human rights organization is not a shameful act and dose not constitute information leakage, but is about (taking position). He added that ‘we are not leaking information but working publicly and anything we say inside Bahrain we say it abroad during conferences. We are hiding nothing’. Al Drazi continued by saying that ‘as a Society we always make sure that we have all the accurate details before issuing any statement or adopting a position considering that international organizations depend on our statements and information … I have visited Ibrahim in the hospital and we did not issue any statement or make any press comments as we did not want to make any hasty decisions or accusations given the uncertainty surrounding the incident’.