Jood: Dialogue on Violence and Human
Rights Culture is the Solution

The President of the National Constitutional Assembly, Abdulrahman Al Bakr, explained that ‘containing violence will only be achieved by promoting human rights, creating an anti- violence movement, playing an active role in confronting poverty as well as religious enlightenment in the face of the religious ideas of intolerance and hatred by confronting extremism and dissemination of thought and values of tolerance. In addition to make room for young people to have a role in political participation and volunteerism. This will contribute to creating open and active political and civil elites in the future.

Al Bakr has called for putting the issue of violence on the national dialogue table as well as the ‘establishment of a political and civil dialogue on the violence phenomena in order to determine the causes, solutions and preventative measures to achieve the national ambitions of social justice, economic development and political stability’.