Third Summit for Youth Societies

On the 6-7th of last July, the third Bahrain Youth Organizations Summit was held. The Summit discussed various issues concerning the youth, including identifying their role, how to organize activities, and what prospect for future. At the end of the conference the seven participating societies decided to establish an Assembly to a Council that includes them all; designate a special day for the youth of Bahrain to be celebrated annually; and launch an electronic newsletter with the aim of communicating with Bahrain’s youth. The participants urged the Government’s institutions, the private sector and other civil society organizations to cooperate with them. They also demanded that voting age be reduced to 18 years and the nomination age to 25; in addition to increasing the number of scholarships, and to set up a national fund to support youth organizations and projects, establishing a Ministry for the youth and launching radio and TV channels focusing on the youth and run by a team of them.