Protest to Free Detainees in Saudi Arabia

A number of the supporters of the National Adalah Movement have organized a licensed protest on 8 July 2009, opposite the Foreign

Al- Murbati
Ministry’s building. They demanded that the Ministry interferes to release two Bahraini detainees in Saudi jails, namely: Abdulrahim Al- Murbati and Abdullah Al Noami. The participants objected to the presence of a photographer from the Foreign Ministry during the protest. Among the protesters was MP Mohammed Khalid who accused the Government of not doing enough for the detainees who were, as he pointed out, subjected to physical and psychological torture. On his part the President of Ansur Akhak (Help your Brother) Movement, Mohammed Al Janahi, placed the full responsibility on the Government and the Foreign Ministry for their inaction and for not seriously attempting to secure their release. He also expressed his frustration regarding the Government’s inadequate effort which has not had any effect on the Saudi Government. Al Janahi also explained that the two were detained for a long time without any charges against them and without a verdict on their case. Janahi urged international, local and regional human rights organizations to interfere. At the end of the protest a memorandum was delivered to the Foreign Ministry in this regard.