UNDP: Arab Development Report, 2009

On 25 August 2009, a seminar was held at the H.Q. of U.N. in Manama, Bahrain to discuss the latest report released by the UNDP

on Arab Human Development, 2009. The theme of the report this time is: ‘Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries’. Sayed Agha (UNDP Permanent Representative in Bahrain) pointed out the level of health services in Bahrain and the need to pay more attention to the environment, youth and women.

Mohamed Al Sharif (UNDP Assistant Resident Representative in Bahrain), said that all indicators show that, concerning political action, Bahrain is advanced. However, other problems exist relating to water due to desertification and the increase in the level of sea water. The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Nazar Al Baharna, expressed his appreciation of the report and said that, currently, the focus in Bahrain is on three issues: knowledge, freedom and empowerment of women; adding that Bahrain has considered all of these issues by reforming education and spreading human rights culture and knowledge.