Report of the Ibn Khaldon Centre

Ibn Khaldon Centre issued its annual report in August 2009 regarding the civil society and democratization in the Arab world. Most of the local newspapers did not comment on the report, perhaps because it was not precise in its information or unbalanced in its analysis and findings. For example, the report states that: ‘admittedly, a real democracy does not exist in Bahrain, for there are no competing political parties, no elected legislative authority, independent judiciary or true separation of powers’.

Despite the fact that a fully democratic system does not exist in Bahrain, there are political parties, an elected legislative authority, general satisfaction with the judiciary and real initiatives to promote its independence. However, Bahrain needs to exert more effort in the democratization process.

The report also called on the Government to regard the opposition as a partner in solving Bahrain’s problems and not a factor threatening the unity of the country.

The report also considered that ‘It is important that the Parliament carry out its duty in solving the country’s problems, instead of rushing towards gaining sectarian favoritism’.