Social Development Ministry: Control of NGOs

The Director of civil society organizations in the Ministry of

Social Development, Najwa Janahi, stressed the fact that the Ministry would file a law suit against any civil organization that does not cooperate with the Ministry to correct its legal status. Janahi also said that some of these organizations have cooperated greatly, but there are also some who have refused to cooperate despite the large amount of amicable solutions presented by the Ministry. Janahi stated in Al- Bilad newspaper (11 August 2009), that the Ministry is regularly monitoring the centers and societies. It was clear to the Ministry that many societies were sincere about restoring their status. Also, some societies and charities have proposed amendments to their statutes so that they are able to work within the law. Finally, Janahi affirmed that ‘the aim of the Ministry is to make sure that everyone works within the law, we also do not want to control any society that complies with the law.’