Local Report on Women’s Prison

On 20 August 2009, the Bahrain Human Rights Society issued its report regarding its visit to the women’s prison last May after delivering a copy of the report to the Bahraini Interior Minister. The latter stressed, during his meeting with the Secretary General of the Society, Abdualla Al Drazi, that his Ministry adheres to the principles of democracy and humanity when dealing with citizens.

He also affirmed that public freedom is a necessity as well as the implementation of international standards as stated in international treaties and conventions. The Minister promised that the report will be studied and that its recommendations will be taken into consideration. Moreover, he stressed the importance of continuing cooperation with the Society and praised and valued its efforts.

In addition to the above, Drazi said that ‘the aim of the report is not to look for faults and shortcomings, but to present recommendations to the authority in order to develop these centers and consider the human rights aspects in compliance with international agreements.

Among the recommendations is to establish a new building; train inmates on suitable skills; help fulfill the needs of non-Bahraini inmates; reconsider the deportation of some inmates whose families still live in Bahrain; issue a new law for rehabilitation centers; implement alternative punishments for minor offences; introduce educational programs; care for the psychological well fair of the inmates; urge embassies to care for their imprisoned citizens; increase recreation activity; form a committee for human rights; and allow local and international organizations regular visits to the detention centers.