Foreign Workers Continue Their Strikes

Bahrain has witnessed continuous protests by hundreds of foreign workers from India and Bangladesh. The protests took place in front of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority in which the workers demanded

that their construction company pay their three months overdue wages, and to give assurances that this delay would not happen again. The same workers had previously gone on strike for five consecutive days but the Ministry of Labour intervened and resolved the matter. The Assistant Under-Secretary Sabah Al Dosary said that the company had promised to pay the wages, which is what actually happened.

In addition, hundreds of foreign workers at three companies in the Sitra Industrial Estate demonstrated because of a 4-month delay in paying their wages. Also, workers in Isa City protested four times in three weeks and the staff of one of the hotels protested outside the Ministry of Labour demanding their rights. The Secretary General of the General Federation of Bahraini Trade Unions, Salman Jaffar Al Mahfouz, supported the demands of the protestors and urged the Government to take tough deterrent procedures against these companies who were violated the law. He also added that ‘ it is understandable to see foreign workers protest every day because their rights were denied, after all they are humans who suffer, feel pain and they have rights which should be respected by their employers’, Al Wasat (10th September 2009).