Hikmat: It is Necessary to Assess the Reforms

Tahir Hikmat, member of the Board of Trustees of the Bahrain Institute for Political Development, described the political arena in Bahrain as ‘lively’. He also said that there is an increasingly

positive political atmosphere that coincided with the period of political reform, which in his view needs careful assessment. Hikmat also believes that the activity of the opposition also needs to be reviewed. He also said that ‘the future does not look gloomy in Bahrain since Bahrain is able to develop its democratic experience in the long-term and might surpass all other Arab countries’.

In a lecture entitled ‘Opposition within Democracy’ Hikmat added that there are numerous problems facing the opposition, including: inability to unite and agree on future strategies, the absence of a practical and intellectual approach, absence of a realistic assessment for development and reform, being affected by pre-judgmental methods, adopting classical slogans in order to skip stages and lastly confusion between political, sectarian, ethnic and tribal issues.