The Women’s Union Forms a Political
Empowerment Committee

The leader in the Women’s Union Fatima Rabi’a said that the Union

will form a committee called ‘Political empowerment’, which aims to spread awareness amongst Bahraini Women about their political rights and empower them so that they can reach higher positions. She also said that the Union will partake in activities that will spread awareness, including organizing seminars and workshops. Also, the Union intends to benefit from the experience of the female members of the Kuwaiti National Assembly who had gone through a unique experience by reaching Parliament after fierce competition. Rabi’a also believes that Bahraini women should follow in the footsteps of their Kuwaiti sisters in relation to political activism and that Bahraini women can be actively involved in politics, and stand side by side with their male counterparts in all positions. (Al Ayam Newspaper 29/09/2009)