Strong Criticism against the University of Bahrain

The University of Bahrain decided to suspend the student, Noor Hussain, for a term after passing her exams. Due to its decision,

the University received a torrent of criticism from various civil society institutions (especially the youth). Noor’s only crime was the distribution of a written statement to students critical of the University - which is porhipeted by the Universities regulations.

Noor has also received universal support from most of the students, as well as a number of MPs, civil society institutions, writers and journalists who have criticised and viewed the decision as an un-justifiably severe reaction. Some believe that it is necessary to allow students within the University the opportunity to express themselves, taking into account that there are concerns that political societies might influence activities in intellectual centres. As a result of the decision, youth societies have expressed their solidarity with Noor on websites such as facebook, where they condemned the strict rules adopted by the University officials, and also threatened to take part in student strikes.