Lawyers Reject Clergymen Pleading in Courts

The Bahrain Bar Society has expressed its reservations regarding

proposals presented by Al Wefaq parliamentary block to amend some provisions of the law promulgated by legislative Decree No. 26 of 1980, to allow those specialists in Sharia law to plead only before Islamic Courts.

The Bahrain Bar Society believes that this proposal does not serve public interest and harms the interests of litigants. The Society said that family disputes are not limited to the Islamic aspect but transcend it to other issues such as financial aspects which fall under the authority of the Civil Court, in addition to following up the implementation of rulings of Islamic Courts and appeals before the Civil Appeal Court. The Society explained that one of the conditions of practicing law in the country is having a law certificate from a recognized university which may include the subject of Islamic Sharia among its programs, in addition to other subjects such as civil, criminal and commercial law. As for those who have not studied Sharia law, they should pass a Sharia law exam as only those who have studied Sharia and passed an exam in it are allowed to practice law in the country.