Massive March against Rising Fuel Prices

On 9 January 2010, 11 political societies as well as the Federation

of Bahrain Trade Unions participated in a licensed march against the Government’s intention to raise fuel prices and to remove subsidies of basic commodities. The protestors, estimated at 3-4 thousand chanted the slogans: ‘No to starvation’ and ‘more and more expenses’. Sheikh Ali Salman from Al Wifaq Society said ‘the Bahraini people cannot bear this extra burden’. MP Ali Ahmad believes the protest was necessary in order to send a message to the Government that raising prices is completely unacceptable. He noted that it was necessary that the Government discusses the matter with the Parliament. The Government from its part had announced before the march that it was studying raising fuel prices and reducing main commodities subsides. However, it also said that it did not intend to remove food subsidies.