Drying up the Sources of Terrorism and
Violence is a Necessity

On 9 January 2010, Sheikh Salah Al Jowder said that our historic responsibility requires drying up all sources of terrorism, extremism and violence. This is a human necessity in order to protect stability and security. Jowder questioned the reasons behind the spread of violence and the attempts to scare innocent women, children and the elderly. Who is benefitting from all this? And why we are remaining silent towards this kind of wrong behaviour? Jowder added that: ‘this kind of behavior is not a form of protest or demonstration guaranteed by the Constitution and international law’. He also expressed his resentment of the heavy presence of police cars and security men in these areas. He is also wondered about the way out. And why scholars, preachers and intellectuals of these areas remain silent instead of saying the truth and confronting these out laws, stressing that there must be a solution for every problem and the safest way out of this is through the dialogue.