National HR Foundation Members Appointed

The BHRM welcomed the royal decree, issued on 25 April 2010, regarding appointing members of the National Human Rights Foundation (NHRF) headed by Salman Kamal Al Deen. The decree included the appointment of Isa Al Khayat as First Vice-President, Fadeela Al Mahroos as Second Vice-President, and the membership of twenty other individuals including: the President of BHRM, Hasan Shafaei; the Secretary General of Bahrain Human Rights Society, Abdulla Al Drazi; the Secretary General of the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society, Faisal Fuladh; the Secretary General of the Bahrain Lawyers’ Society, Yosif Al Hashimi; and the President of the Bahrain Society for Support of Public Freedoms and Democracy, Mohammed Al Ansari. Al Shafaie praised the representation of women in theNHRF, and saw it as an official acknowledgment of the position of Bahraini women, hoping that all official and non-official institutions will do the same.