Bahrain Jurists Call for Amending the Press Law

The Bahrain Jurists Association demanded the speedy issue of a new Press Law, as they say the current law is outdated and is not compatible with the democratic transitions undergone by Bahrain, as well as restricting freedom of the press, a principle explicitly stated in the Constitution. In a statement, the Association expressed its surprise at the extent of journalistic restrictions ‘in a law which begins most of chapters with the phrase “it is prohibited” and contains administrative restrictions which silence journalists in a clear negation of the freedom of the press guaranteed by the Constitution. This is something which contradicts the ethics of the journalistic profession and it message’. The Association stressed that the ‘Constitution clearly states that freedom of discussion and dialogue should be present in all public affairs. It added that the freedom of the press should not be restricted or hindered, and should form the basis for a continued, active and open dialogue which is not limited to a special group or specific issues, unless these harm national unity and social cohesion’.