Al Waqt Newspaper Ceases Publication

‘Thank you and Goodbye to you our Readers’. With this title Al Waqt Newspaper said goodbye to its readers in its last edition on 3 May 2010. Al Waqt said that it had tried not to be an organ of the Government, any party, sect or ethnicity, and that it tried to protect its independence which deprived it from commercial advertisements. It added that it had also tried to respect the rights of all people, and to express their opinions peacefully, asserting that it had opened its pages to all opinions equally. Al Waqt also added that it respected the political system and the right of the public for knowledge. It also called for equal citizenship, refused sectarianism and participated in supporting the reform project. Indeed, Al Waqt was a distinguished newspaper and the BHRM is sorry to see a newspaper which defended the rights of the Bahraini people cease publication for financial reasons.