Launch of a Committee for the Support
of the Media and the Press

The Bahrain Journalists Association announced the establishment of a Committee to Support the Bahraini Press. This took place during the International Day for Freedom of the Press. According to a statement by the Association, the Committee is concerned with defending and publicizing freedom of the press, and spreading the principles of accountability in the press and the media. It also aims to spread awareness among society of the importance of the media and its role in developing the democratic society, as well as promoting the right of the media to access and broadcast information. The Committee will receive complaints from citizens and institutions in order to help in solving them, especially with regards to the problems that might arise between the media and society. The Journalists Association called on both the Government and Parliament to work together in order to provide an environment which guarantees the freedom of the press and the media, as well as support the independence of the press without any form of political or legal pressure.