Anti- Slavery visits Bahrain

Krishna Abadaya from the London-based anti-slavery organisation paid a visit to the Nepalese workers’ accommodation in the GCC cleaning company in Salmabad. He was accompanied by the president and members of the workers’ union and a representative of the GFTU. The visit was part of a tour to several countries in order to get to know the problems facing Nepalese workers. Abadaya addressed the workers in their native language and stressed the importance of working together with the union in order to organise themselves, achieve their demands in accordance to the Bahraini Labour Law. The President of the union, Ibrahim Al-Saffar, encouraged the workers to present their demands and needs to the Union. He added that the Bahraini Trade Union Law guarantees the freedom to workers to join unions despite their nationalities, and protects their rights. He also advised the workers to use dialogue before engaging in strikes.