Call to grant Nationality to Children of Bahraini women

The President of the Bahraini Young Ladies Association, Sameera Abdualla, called upon the Government to allow the children of Bahraini women married to foreigners to get the Bahraini nationality. She called for the change to coincide with the Kingdom’s celebration of the Bahraini Women’s Day on the 1st of December.

She added that issuing this important decision during this occasion represents a well deserved appreciation for women. She pointed to the suffering of many divorced women, widowed or abandoned whose children lack the nationality. She stressed women’s right to choose their partners despite their nationalities.

The campaign ‘nationality is my right; and my child’s right’, which was launched in 2005, aims to add merely one phrase to Article 4 of the current Nationality Law of 1963. The Article would then read after the addition: ‘a person will be considered Bahraini if he is born inside or outside Bahrain to a Bahraini father or mother’.