Ban on Political Publications and Blocks on Websites

On 20 September 2010, the Information Affairs Authority withdrew the publication licence of newsletter of two political parties,

namely; the Progressive Democratic Tribune (Al Taqadomi) and the Islamic Action (Amal), warning that it may take further legal procedures if they continue to breach the law. The Authority had previously banned the newsletters of both the Democratic Society and Al Wefaq, claiming that both had breached the law, which regulates publication by political parties. It also demanded that political parties address their problems in line with this law, and announced that it had permitted the publication of the newsletters following adjustments made by the said newsletters. A number of political parties’ websites have also been blocked for the same reason. The Transparency Society criticised the restrictions made on the freedom of expression of societies, which are active in the political arena, and demanded the officials to reconsider their decisions that affect freedom of expression. Waad Society regarded the decisions as a confiscation of the different views, and accused the Information Affairs Authority of being selective in its implementation of the law, something which the Authority refuted.