Regional Conference on Human Trafficking

A Bahraini human rights delegation participated in a regional conference organised by the Future Foundation in Jordan entitled:

‘Building Networks for CSOs to Combat Human Trafficking in the MENA Region’. A delegation from the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society participated in the conference, and was headed by Atiyat Allah Hasan Rohani, Abdullah Abdul Aziz and Ghada Ihsan as well as Nora Fulayfil from the Migrant Workers Protection Society.

Rohani gave a statistical presentation he had prepared during a visit to al Badi police station, which included the number of Filipino domestic workers reported to have fled from their employers between 2009 and the beginning of 2010 (around 50 male and female workers). Rohani found that 30 workers had sought refuge in the Philippines Embassy, and that 12 of them had been sent home according to legal procedures, whilst 18 are still waiting for their official documents to be finalized. The remaining twenty however, remain missing, and have probably fallen prey to human traffickers.