Incest and Sexual Abuse of Children

The Bahrain Sociologists Society called on the executive institutions

Wisam Al Saba’
and civil society organizations to pay more attention to the problem of incest. It stressed the need to put into place deterrent legislations and draw up preventative plans, which would limit the dangerous social effects of this problem on Bahraini families. The social researcher Wisam Al Saba’ said in a lecture held in the Society’s headquarters “there is a need to scrutinize this phenomenon, in order to determine its size, and then come up with a preventative and curative strategy to confront it. This can be achieved with the cooperation and coordination of the concerned civil society bodies.”

Lou Loua Al Ajaji, the Acting President for the Bahrain Centre for Child Protection said that the Centre had received 270 cases on various sexual, physical and psychological abuses. She added that sexual abuse of children is on the increase and that some families waive their legal rights in order to avoid stigma, especially in cases involving girls.