Calls for Religious Tolerance

On 8 January 2011, a mourning ceremony was held at the Anglican Church in Manama in solidarity with the victims of the bombing that rocked the al-Qiddissin (Saints) Church in Alexandra, Egypt. The ceremony was attended by Bahrainis, residents, diplomats, Muslims and Christian clergymen and Arab and foreign nationals. The participants condemned the terrorist bombing and stressed the importance of promoting the values of coexistence and tolerance. Hani Aziz, the church pastor said that “we must all realize that Allah, the almighty has created humans differently in terms of gender, colour and language. We should accept these differences and respect the freedom of others to choose their own religion. We also should not discriminate against people on the basis of their religion or creed.”

During the event, both Sheikh Ahmad Amr Allah and Sheikh Salah Al Jowdar gave speeches in which they stressed the values of coexistence and rejected violence and extremism, which does not represent Islam. Shiekh Isa Qassim also condemned the bombing and any attack on any place of worship. He described it as a war on Allah’s religion and a “heinous crime which is rejected by Islam”.