Security and Legal Measures:

7 November 2010: The High Criminal Court sentenced 5 persons accused of killing a policeman in Al Sahla for 3 to 5 years’ imprisonment.

8 November 2010: 4 persons were arrested for participating in riots and burning tyres in Saar on 5 November 2010. They have been referred to the Public Prosecutor.

15 November 2010: A 22-year-old youth was arrested in Draz. His family stressed that their son was retarded.

16 November 2010: Security forces arrested a youth in Al Bilad Al Qadeem who was involved in security breaches. The Director General of the Metropolitan Police said that the youth is accused of arson and vandalism.

16 November 2010: A person accused of burning the Sitra Sports Club in March 2010, was released because he was outside Bahrain during the occurrence of the incident.

17 November 2010: The Lower Criminal Court acquitted one person accused of possessing a Molotov bomb. However, the man was charged with rioting and sentenced to 3 months.

17 November 2010: The detention of a football player from the Musali village was extended for 45 days. The player was arrested on 29 September 2010, and his family dismissed he was involved in illegal activities.

21 November 2010: The Court of Appeal is considering the so called Sahla Case, which the High Criminal Court found 5 people innocent and sentenced 4 people to 3-5 years’ imprisonment in a murder case of a policeman on 20 November 2010. The appeal is expected to be considered on 27 February 2011.

21 November 2010: The High Criminal Court rejected the request of the lawyer Nafeesa Do’bil  for holding closed hearing session for her client, who is accused of rioting and burning tyres. According to Do’bil, her client is scared of talking about the incident in front of the police during the hearing.

30 November 2010: Security forces arrested four juveniles during violent incidences in Bani Jamrah. They were accused of attacking security forces with incendiary devices and were referred to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.