News of the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR)

■ (09/12/2010): The NIHR announced in a statement that it was in the process of preparing a comprehensive and detailed national strategy for human rights, which would meet the necessary requirements and be implemented within three months. The statement called on the House of Representatives to harmonize laws with the standards set by the international conventions, which the Kingdom of Bahrain had ratified.

■ (26/12/2010): The NIHR completed the formation of its permanent committees and elected the heads of each committee. Dr Ahmad Farhan was chosen as the head of the Political and Civil Rights Committee; Ali Abdullah Al Aradi was chosen as the head of the Social, Cultural and Economic Rights Committee; Dr Maryam Al Jalahma, head of the National Relations Committee; Abdullah Al Dowsari, head of the International Affairs Committee; Dr Isa Al Khayat, was chosen as the First Deputy President and head of the Monitoring and Complaints Committee.

■ (28/12/2010): Some members of the NIHR inspected a rehabilitation centre and met the Minister of Interior. During the meeting, the results of their visit were discussed, as well as their report. The Minister said that promoting democracy and the principle of respecting human rights are pillars of the reform project. He added that the state of law respects freedom and democracy stressing that “respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms is a high priority for the Ministry”. Finally, the Minister also stressed that the recommendations presented by the NIHR delegation will be taken into consideration.