■ (18/01/2011): The Deputy Assistant Secretary Kathleen Fitzpatrick of the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor in the US Department of State met the head of the committees of the NIHR. During the meeting, the delegation was briefed on the NIHR’s activities, missions and plans. Human rights issues were also discussed especially those relating to torture allegations and human rights violations. Moreover, Fitzpatrick also discussed some legal issues including legal guarantees for the detainees currently on trial, and the law regulating civil society organizations. In addition to the mechanism pertaining to juvenile detention, foreign workers and human trafficking. NIHR representatives reaffirmed NIHR’s impartiality and integrity in revising laws and national legislations and harmonizing them with international human rights standards in addition to receiving human rights complaints which are then dealt

with according to international standards. Ms. Fitzpatrick was accompanied by officials from the American Embassy in Bahrain.

■ (23/01/2011): The King of Bahrain issued a Royal Decree appointing Ahmad Abdullah Farhan as the Secretary-General of NIHR for the next four years after serving in the Board of Directors. Farhan stressed the importance of achieving transparency on all issues that are put forward to NIHR. He also affirmed NIHR’s impartiality and that it will not be influenced by any outside pressure.