Activities of the President of the BHRM in Bahrain

With Dr Hassn Madan
(The Progressive Democratic Forum)
  With Saeed Al Hamad
(Alayam newspaper)
With both Mr. Al Ekri and Mr. Al Drazi
  With Sheikh Ali SAlman (Al Wefaq)

With Maryam Al Rowayee (women union)
  With Mr. Sayyed Agha (UNDP)

In Bahrain Centre for Research
and Studies

  With Jameela Salman
(Bahrain Bar Society)
With the Editor- in- Chief of Al-Waqt newspaper and his Deputy   With the Editor-in -chief- of Al Watan newspaper and journalists

The President of the Bahrain Human Rights Monitor (BHRM), Hasan Shafaei, visited Bahrain on 15-27 August 2009. The objective of the visit was to have a close look at the human rights situation and also meet the heads of a number of civil society organizations (CSOs), political activists, officials, media people, research and studies centers and a number of academics.

Mr. Sahfaei discussed the political and human rights situation in Bahrain, the scope of cooperation and suggestions regarding the development of human rights in the country. He also received assessments of the current political process and its impact on the human rights situation as well as the challenges facing CSOs.

Mr. Shafaei presented a detailed description of the BHRM, its current activities, publications, future plans and also discussed mutual cooperation. The meetings culminated in agreement with a number of CSOs to carry out a number of activities at the national and international level, which promote and enhance the human rights situation in Bahrain.

Additionally, Mr. Shafaei met representatives of some political societies, i.e. political parties, including Sheikh Ali Salman, MP and Secretary General of Wefaq ; Dr. Hassan Madan, Secretary General of the Progressive Democratic Forum; and Abdulnabi Al Ekri from the Democratic Action Society.

Moreover, a meeting took place with Sayyed Agha (UNDP Permanent Representative in Bahrain) () and his assistant, Mohamed Al- Sharif in the former’s office. Mr. Shafaei also visited the Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research and met its Security General, Dr. Abdulla Al Sadiq, and Dr. M. Galal- an international strategic studies advisor -as well as Hussamuddin Salem, Editor of the Strategic Studies Journal.

Among others who were visited by Mr. Shafaei included: Dr Baquer Al- Najjar- a Professor of Sociology at Bahrain University; Jameela Salman, Head of Bahrain Bar Society; Mariam Al-Rowaie, President of Bahrain Women’s Union; and Dr. Abdualla Al Drazi, Secretary General of Bahrain Human Rights Society. Mr. Shafaei also met the board members of the Bahrain Transparency Society including Abdulnabi Al Ekri, President of the Society and Vice-President Yousif Zainal. In addition to this, meetings also took place with the Editor-in- Chief of Al-Ayam newspaper, Isa Al- Shaiji; Saeed Alhamad, Editor-in- Chief of Al-Bilad newspaper; Moanes Al Mardi, the Editor- in- Chief of Al-Waqt newspaper; Ibrahim Bashmi , Editor- in- Chief of Al-Watan newspaper Abdualla Salman.