Shafaei to Al –Hura TV Channel:
Extremism Responsible for Slowing the Reform Process

On 10 October 2009, Al-Hura Satellite Channel interviewed Hasan Moosa Shafaei in the program ‘Eye on Democracy’. Mohammed Al-Yahyai, the Presenter of the program, discussed with Mr. Shafaei a number of issues concerning human rights and democracy in Bahrain. In his assessment of the democratic process in Bahrain, Mr. Shafaei said that the country has passed the critical stage and is now able to continue and achieve some of its planned objectives. He also added that there is currently a slowdown in the reform process itself in comparison to when it was first launched. He attributes this to the fact that some extremist groups within the opposition have tried to divert Bahrain’s direction. This forced the Government to review the steps it had taken in the past, not with the intention of overturning the reform process, but in order to evaluate the development of the reforms. This reassessment will also close the doors in the face of the extremists and violent factions who are trying to take advantage of the climate of freedom in order to serve their own interests, which have nothing to do with human rights and democracy.