BHRM President Meets Director of Al-Hiwar TV Channel

On 30 October 2009, Mr. Hasan Shafaei met with Dr. Azzam Al Tamimi, the President of Al Hiwar Satellite TV Channel, in London. The meeting falls within the BHRM media strategy to promote human rights in Bahrain and shed light on the BHRM’s activities. In the meeting they discussed the development of human rights in the region in general and with special focus on Bahrain, as well as the media’s role in promoting the values of freedom, democracy and the respect of human rights in Arab societies. Al-Tamimi was briefed on Bahrain’s social, political and human rights situation. Dr. Al-Tamimi expressed his satisfaction with the positive development that Bahrain has witnessed, and hoped that it will continue to develop and become a mature experience and an exemplary model for other countries in the region.