Mr. Shafaie with the Prime Minister
Manna’ between Shafaie and Al- Shamlan
Shafaie between Almahfoodh and Ebrahim Abdulla
With the German Ambassador
With Jamal Fakhro

President of the BHRM on Official Trip to Bahrain

The President of BHRM Hasan Moosa Shafaie visited Bahrain in January 2010, met with a number of influential figures and engaged in many political and human rights activities at both the official and public levels:

■ On 24 January 2010, the President met with His Royal Highness the Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, during the latter’s weekly public meeting. Shafaie urged His Highness to direct officials to engage with the international human rights delegations when they visit Bahrain. Shafaei also conveyed the disappointment of the delegation of Front Line during their recent visit to Bahrain, as they were unable to meet with human rights officials. The Prime Minister appreciated Shafaie’s comment and stressed the importance of protecting Bahrain’s reputation and demanded that work meetings be conducted with all human rights organizations concerned with Bahrain.

■ Shafaie also held a joint meeting with the Secretary General of the Bahrain Human Rights Society (BHRS) Abdullah Al Drazi and the President of the Bahrain Transparency Society Abdulnabi Al Ekri. The meeting took place in the headquarters of BHRS where human rights related issues were discussed. On another level, he also participated in an awards ceremony organized by the BHRS in honor of Dr. Haytham Manna’, a distinguished human rights activist and the spokesperson for the Arab Commission for Human Rights. Manna’ was granted the Ahmad Al Shamlan Shield, a prize which is granted to distinguished human rights activists.

■ Shafaie also met with Mirza Al Qatari and Hadi Al Mousawi, the officials responsible for human rights issues in the Islamic Al Wefaq Society. A number of human rights issues and possibilities for mutual cooperation were discussed. It is noteworthy that Al Qatari and Al Mousawi presented a proposal for establishing a new human rights organization under the name of ‘Salam Society’, which is at present in the process of being registered with the Ministry of Social Development.

■ At the building of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions, the President of the BHRM met with the Secretary General of the Federation Salman Al Mahfoodh and Vice Secretary General Ebrahim Hamad Abdulla and Assistant Secretary General for media and publication Jaffar Khalil Ebrahim. Shafaie was briefed about the Federation’s activities, accomplishments, plans and positions. He in turn explained the vision and activities of BHRM.

■ The President of the BHRM met with the German Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain Dr. Hubert Lang at the German Embassy in Manama, where social and political aspects of human rights were discussed. He also met with the French Ambassador in Manama Mr. Yves Oudin in the presence of his advisor Mr. Christian Reigneaud. Shafaie explained the activities of BHRM and the scope of possible human rights developments in Bahrain. Both Ambassadors praised the positive development which Bahrain has witnessed in recent years.

■ The President also met with the member of the Shura Council Jamal Fakhro and MP Dr. Abdulaziz Abul, and discussed many various human rights related issues. He stressed the importance of communication and cooperation which will benefit human rights in Bahrain.

■ Finally, the President met with the Chief Executive of Radio & TV Corporation Sheikh Rashid Bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa at the Building of the Ministry of Information.