with Ali Bin Saleh Alsaleh
with Brig. Tariq bin Daineh
with Major Rashed Bu Najama
with Dr. Salah Ali
with Sura Louri, IOM
with Nejib Friji
with Dr. Isa Al-Khayat

Activities of the BHRM in Bahrain

The President of the BHRM Hasan Moosa Shafaei paid a two-week working visit to Bahrain in March 2010. During the visit, he met with a number of political, human rights and security figures and discussed with them the situation in Bahrain, especially in relation to the scope of human rights and means of developing it.

The President of the BHRM met with the Chairman of the Shura Council, Ali Bin Saleh Al Saleh in his office in the Shura Council. The meeting discussed efforts of the BHRM in dealing with various human rights issues as well as relations with other human rights organisations. . Additionally, Hasan Moosa explained the role of the BHRM in documentation as well as its proposals to different official bodies to bring national legislations in conformity with international standards. Al Saleh confirmed the role which the Shura Council could play in spreading awareness regarding the democratic and human rights achievements in the country. He also praised the BHRM for its efforts which he said were closely followed and appreciated by the Legislative Authority.

BHRM’s President also met with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior and the Head of Human Rights Committee Brig. Tariq bin Daineh and the Director of the Legal Affairs Directorate Major Rashed Bu Najma. The meeting discussed the latest report of Human Rights Watch, as well as the efforts of the Ministry of Interior to apply the human rights standards and international agreements signed by the Kingdom of Bahrain. In addition, the meeting discussed the role of the Human Rights Committee at the Ministry in investigating abuses.

Moreover, Mr. Shafaei also met with Dr. Salah Ali, Second Vice Chairman of the Council of Representatives in his office. Dr. Ali praised the BHRM’s activities and welcomed all kinds of cooperation and coordination, which would benefit Bahrain and support the democratic reform project. He also met with Chief of Media at the Council Mahmeed Al Mahmeed, and Al-Wefaq MP Mohammed Al Mazel. An important meeting held with the Project Coordinator of the IOM in Bahrain, Sura Louri at the UN headquarters in Manama, with whom he discussed the issue of human trafficking, which is of particular importance to BHRM. Louri briefed the President of BHRM about the role and activities of the IOM in Bahrain.

With the presence of the Chairman of the Bahrain Institute for Political Development Nabeel Al Hamer, Mr. Shafaei met with the Executive Director of the Bahrain Institute for Political Development at his office, Dr. Isa Alkhayat. The meeting discussed ways of cooperation between the Institute and the BHRM. Mr. Shafaei was briefed about the Institute’s activities in promoting political awareness and democratic culture. In this connection, Mr. Shafaei attended a seminar organized by the Institute entitled ‘Political Participation 2010’.

Finally, Mr. Shafaei met with the Director of Research and Studies at the Institute for Political Development Abduljalil Al Noaimi and the Director of the UN Information Centre for the Gulf Countries Nejib Friji at the UN headquarters where he discussed mutual cooperation in the media field and participation in human rights activities.