BHRM Condemns the 14 September Bombings

BHRM condemned the violent events that took place on 14 September 2010 in Hamad Town, which targeted four car owned by persons working in the security services. Unknown persons detonated explosives causing burning and damage to the cars, and causing panic among the people of the area, but there were no injuries or death. The BHRM said that such acts cause concern, and they diminish the individual’s right to safety and security guaranteed by the international human rights law and the Constitution and laws of Bahrain. BHRM emphasized that such acts increase the expansion of the cycle of tension and poisoning the security and political atmosphere at a time the Bahrainis are about to exercise their right to choose their representatives in the legislative elections scheduled for 23 October 2010.

BHRM called upon political societies and human rights organizations and all civil society organizations, especially women and youth associations, to educate the community about the danger of such actions on security and social peace, and to clarify the negative impact of such actions on politics and development in Bahrain. The BHRM warned of the growing phenomenon of violence, which allow for derogation from human rights, and confirmed that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the right of individuals to life, security and bodily integrity.