BHRM Warns of Sectarianism and Delayed Dialogue

On 3 March 2011, the BHRM said in a statement that the delay in the dialogue between the Government and the political parties could have dangerous consequences. The negative effects are clear including an increase in sectarianism and sectarian rhetoric, which threaten the very fabric of Bahraini society.

The BHRM called upon the Government and political parties to make mutual concessions to speed up the national consensus and find a way-out of the crisis. The political situation needs to be re-established through national dialogue that unites all parties on the basis of equality, justice, and respect for human rights.

The BHRM demanded the investigating committee to speed-up its work and present its findings through the media, so that both local and international public opinion is briefed in a transparent and professional manner.

The President of the BHRM Hasan Shafaei, stressed the right of citizens to express their opinion peacefully and in a civilized manner, as long as public and private interests are respected, State institutions remain undamaged and the human rights and interests of others are respected. This should be based on a strategy, which emphasizes the country’s unity and best interests.