BHRM Recent Activities

The BHRM issued several statements regarding the recent developments in Bahrain in which it expressed its deep regret with regards to the human rights violations that have resulted in civilian and military casualties. BHRM also regrets the sectarian polarization, which has helped spread instability, fear and anxiety in Bahrain.

The BHRM expressed the need for dialogue in order to solve the current political crisis. The human rights situation is very much connected to the political situation, hence solving the disagreements between the parties will lead to respecting the laws that safeguard human rights and the interests of all political parties through mutual concessions. The stability of the political and security situation will maintain the stability of the country and will result in prosperity and justice for all citizens.

The BHRM called on the security forces to act with restraint and take the law into consideration especially during the state of emergency.

The BHRM stressed in its statements that the core of the crisis is political despite decreasing calls for dialogue and increasing sectarian tension between the Sunnis and Shia. Hence, neither the street pressure nor the use of security solutions will work.

The BHRM has urged both the opposition and the Government not to waste any more opportunities, or let emotions get the better of them. All parties must communicate in order to build trust, which is lacking and consequently resulted in a tense security situation that negatively affected the economy and the living conditions of citizens.

The BHRM was constantly communicating with international human rights organizations and monitoring events on the ground. BHRM was trying to influence events by writing newspaper articles and conducting TV interviews. The BHRM President conducted several interviews with TV and Radio channels including the BBC-Arabic, Bahrain TV, Alhiwar, Alhura, Aliraqia , France 24, ANB, Radio Monte Carlo and the Dutch Radio.