Quotations on Human Rights

The Crown Prince: I was affected by the Arab Spring

BNA, 30 November 2011

‘The Arab Spring which left its mark on many Arab countries also affected our democratic path. The courageous decision of his Majesty the King to establish the BICI has led to positive results. We hope that mechanisms for the implementation of the recommendations will be found in order for the Kingdom of Bahrain to overcome the crisis that left negative impacts on its economy’.

The Foreign Minister: I was moved by the report

28 November 2011

‘The report is very important and comprehensive and discussed many issues, and personally, I was moved by the report and obviously not surprised by the issues that it covered because we were following up the Commission and we knew who the commission met and what files it was looking into. Although we knew the aspects of the report, but the profound nature of the information was very touching. There were many tragic things that we would never have imagined taking place in Bahrain. Therefore, the responsibility that lies ahead, based on the directions of his Majesty the King, is to implement the recommendations of the report with all honesty. The report provided us with good advice and will benefit from this.

As for the issue of reforming the Government apparatus which the report has mentioned, we will perhaps be unable to do it ourselves because we lack sufficient expertise. However, Bahrain has many friends who can help us develop our government bodies. Human rights should be respected and become part of any work of public servants. In order to ensure that the violations do not re-occur, reforms and monitoring are required. If we become certain of this, we will be able to achieve big steps in human rights’.

Ministry of human rights: We are committed to the report


The Ministry for Human rights and Social Development issued a statement regarding Bassiouni’s report, in which it said that the report promotes reconciliation, respect of and protection for human rights in the country. The Ministry believes that the BICI conducted impartial investigations which allowed comprehensive analysis of the events and greatly valued the professionalism of the BICI. It also thanked the members of the BICI for their efforts in the investigation of the events that took place in Bahrain. The Ministry stressed its commitment to help re-establish trust between all the social segments and build a strong human rights culture. It also hoped that its cooperation with international partners is going to lead to a reform process and prevent future violations.

Bahrain Report Presents an Opportunity for Reform

Thursday 24 November 2011 by Jane Kinninmont, Senior Research Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme

There is now an opportunity for the Government to use this as a springboard for reforms that are needed to restore its own legitimacy with much of the population. The report could help to shift the balance of power within the royal family away from the security hardliners who have been growing in power since last September and who gained significantly after the entry of GCC troops in March.

Much will depend on the actions taken in the coming days, both by the Government (will there be releases of political prisoners? A cabinet reshuffle? Moves towards greater political representation?) and by the opposition (ideally, laying out an agenda for a genuine, serious national dialogue, and providing the Government with incentives for reform, rather than simply dismissing any hope of it)’.