Bahrain Human Rights Monitor

After many great efforts, the Bahrain Human Rights Monitor was established in London to join a group of local, regional and international human rights organizations concerned with monitoring and developing human rights in Bahrain, and promoting Bahraini citizens' rights on the ground. The Monitor aims to strengthen relations between the civil society organizations, official bodies and international human rights organizations in order to take charge of defending citizens' rights.

The Monitor also provides ideas, analyses and news follow ups; advises human rights organizations; issues reports and publications in its field of expertise; contributes to human rights events, conferences, and workshops to strengthen the civil society actors, in order to carry out their duty to the fullest extent, and in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

The Monitor will be issuing two monthly newsletters, in English and Arabic, in recognition of the importance of establishing channels of communication with human rights institutions and activists interested in Middle Eastern issues in general, and in Bahrain in particular. The two newsletters will strive to be an unbiased and respectable voice for those seeking the truth and those aiming to achieve a better human rights future.

It is evident from this first issue that the Newsletter aims to monitor both negative and positive developments relating to human rights in Bahrain, as well as monitors the activities of the civil society institutions, and all government decisions and legislations derived from executive, legislative and judicial institutions related to human rights. The Newsletter provides analytical articles of the most important issues and events related to human rights, as well as producing a series of reports and research which shed light on the various aspects of human rights in the Kingdom, such as: freedom of expression and press, women's rights, the rights of migrant workers, political reforms, and legislation issued post-2001. We ultimately try to provide a comprehensive view of the human rights situation by learning from the past, analysing the present and envisioning prospects for the future.

Indeed, the planned activities of the Bahrain Monitor transcend research and press related activities, and will exert efforts to monitor and document the day to day developments in human rights, and to keep a close contact with local and international human rights organizations to maximise cooperation and coordination.