Continuing Reforms is a Necessity

We hope that all political parties in Bahrain revise their positions and learn from their past mistakes. The consequences of past political decision should be studied carefully and their long-term effects understood.

The hasty and emotional decisions by all political parties during the recent tense political atmosphere show the lack of a clear vision. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved in order to make rational decisions and re-assessment, which is the starting point for any improvement.

The current situation in Bahrain needs deep political understanding, because any hasty and immature analysis will lead to more mistakes and instability. For example, some people wrongly believe that democratic reforms were the reasons behind the instability. A deeper look will show quite the opposite, the absence of reform, and the failure to implement the law was the real reason behind the rebellion.

The idea that reforms will only lead to more instability is wrong. The accomplishments in the last ten years in the political, social, economic and civil rights should be protected. These achievements were as a result of a joint effort by all Bahrainis, including the Government, Parliament, elites and ordinary citizens. Democracy and respecting human rights are essential for Bahrain’s development and stability. These principles should be followed regardless of the circumstances. We should strike a balance between preserving security and developing reforms, as the King had suggested.

The leadership understands the importance of the reform and freedom of expression as one of the main pillars for development. On World Press Freedom Day, the King stressed that press and media freedoms represent the heart of reforms in the context of political, cultural and intellectual diversity. He said that freedom of expression is the foundation of democratic development, a fundamental human right and an active partner in achieving stability and safe guarding the country. The King reassured the journalists inside the Kingdom that their freedoms will be protected and their constitutional rights guaranteed. He added that any peaceful and civilized expression will not be harmed. He demanded the press to cover national issues with professionalism, objectivity and far from sectarianism. They should raise cultural awareness, promote national identity and protect the Arab and Islamic identity of citizens.

These principles should be followed because they will guarantee security, the stability and the development of Bahrain. Also, they are important for maintaining the dignity, freedom and participation of citizens in building the country.