Two Peaceful protests demanding the release of Hujjaira Detainees

Tens of protestors demonstrated in the village of Albilad Alqadeem, calling for the release of 35 detainees accused of attempting to change the regime and plotting to use explosives. The case is publicly known as the Hujjaira detainees. Protestors affirmed the innocence of the accused and demanded their immediate release, especially political activist Hassan Mushaimie' and Shaikh Mohammed Habib Al-Muqdad. The protest lasted for an hour and families of the detainees were among the participants. The security forces did not intervene to disperse the protest and there were no security breaches. On another level, the families of the Hujjaira detainees protested opposite the United Nations Headquarters in al Maarid Street on 5/3/2009 demanding the release of their sons, and reiterating their refusal of the broadcasting of the detainees’ confessions before the court reaches its verdict, which is unconstitutional. This protest lasted an hour and protesters delivered a letter explaining the detainees’ case and demanding the UN interference to secure their release.