APT Offers Training Program in Bahrain

With regards to Bahrain’s international obligations made before the United Nation’s Human Rights Council during its revision of

Nizar al Baharna
Bahrain’s annual comprehensive report, the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nizar al Baharna, has stated that an agreement has been made between the Supervision Committee for the Fulfillment of Bahrain’s International Obligations and the APT (Association for the Prevention of Torture) to conduct several training programs in the country. These programs are primarily directed at those responsible for the administration of justice in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs as well as the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Baharna also pointed to other technical training courses on human rights directed at representatives of ministries and said that all members of societies which are represented in the committee have been informed that the project has been provided with the required expertise in order to conduct these kinds of courses. Baharna also noted that work on human rights databases in Bahrain is continuing which includes developing and activating the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website which was launched some time ago, and providing it with the required data.