Interior Minister: We are Unfairly Accused

In his comments on the accusations that were filed against the Ministry of Interior with regards to the case of Jaffar Kazim Ibrahim, the Minister, Sheikh Rashid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, said that ‘the unfair accusations of the security services…is an assault on the country’s image and does harm to all citizens’. He added that ‘the responsible word is the one that is mindful of the truth and should aim to uncover it, for confusing the public and spreading falsehood cannot last for long’. The Minister is of the opinion that ‘leaking information regarding the incident to some international human rights organizations is a fruitless and inadequate strategy and does not correspond with the spirit of this time’.

He also added that after the truth was unveiled “we hope for a positive role on the part of whoever supports and defends the truth’. The Minster regarded the incident as “an opportunity for building trust and creating an atmosphere of tranquility’, hoping that the day would come where ‘we see the citizen defending security men instead of accusing them. And whoever had the courage to demand citizens’ rights, believing that they had been unjustly treated, should have more courage after the truth was uncovered to treat the security services fairly, for we are citizens that were unfairly accused’.