News in Brief

  • In commemoration of democracy day, the National Assembly issued a statement in which it stressed ‘the necessity of enforcing democracy’ and stated that ‘the Democracy in Bahrain needs to be linked to education. This is in addition to creating a common culture which promotes relations between the various segments of society.’ The statement added that ‘the steps that were taken by Bahrain in order to develop its democratic experience and expand its political participation were aimed at giving the opportunity for all national talents to participate in building the country. As well as enforcing the foundations of this new democracy and respecting the basic freedoms and citizen’s rights’.
  • The president of the coordinating committee for political societies, Radwan Al Moosa, stressed the need of official financial support for political societies. He added that one of the most important roles of the State is to support civil society institutions in order to achieve political development. However, whenever political societies are dependent on State support, undoubtedly, they become less independent. However, during the early period of political development, societies need financial support in order for democracy and democratic mechanisms to take root. (Al Watan 22nd September 2009)
  • The total number of domestic violence cases that have been received by the National Centre for Supporting Civil Society Institutions, since its establishment in 2007, is 369 involving women with their children. 177 cases of which were received during 2008 and a further 122 cases up until this September, which gives us, on average, 14 cases per month.
  • The president of Al Wifaq Society Shiekh Ali Salman criticized all forms of discrimination in society and has explained its negative effects on both society and the State. He pointed to the fact that discrimination weakens competitiveness, decreases productivity and creativity. He also said that sectarian, religious and ethnic discrimination produces hatred in society.
  • Al Hiwar Society suggested that the age of eligible voters be reduced from 20 to 19. This will make Bahrain a pioneer in this respect and will contribute greatly in increasing the number of eligible voters in decision making.
  • During a seminar organized by the Bahraini Institute for Political Development, Dr. Baqir Al Najjar, lecturer in social science, said that political manipulation of religious discourse is a challenge facing the democratization process. He believes that diversity does not impede democratization and that the nature of any political system, as well as free press and an open educational system all play a major role in the formation of a democratic culture.