Al-Mizel: Sectarianism is Abhorrent, and the
Solution is ‘Constitutional Monarchy’

MP Mohammed Al-Mizel denounced the call to join forces and societies on a sectarian basis. He regarded this call as ‘abhorrent sectarianism which is unacceptable if made by an ordinary citizen let alone by the President of the House of Representatives’. He added that ‘even if this call by the President of the House of Representatives was aimed at unifying Shia forces, we would have rejected it to the same degree or maybe more’. Al-Mizel demanded the President of the House of Representatives to push for unity on a national basis instead of adopting sectarian agenda which only benefit those aiming to inflict harm on Bahrain and its unity. He noted that such sectarian programmes contradict Royal’s calls addressed to scholars from all sects for mutual respect and frustrate the Royal’s attempts to direct the sectarian diversity of Bahrain for the benefit of Bahrain and its citizens. In this regard, Al-Mizel called for national unity from which a national front can be formed to promote the objective and principles of the constitutional monarchy stated in the National Action Charter and the Constitution.