The Court Clears Karzacan detainees

On 13 October 2009, and after almost a year and a half in detention,

the nineteen Karzacan detainees accused of killing a policeman during riots were acquitted by the Court. The decision by Judge Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Al-Khalifa has triggered a positive response towards both the judge and the judicial system. According to all commentators, the trial proved the independence of the Bahrain’s judiciary to the world and has rightfully earned the trust of citizens.

Lawyer Mohammad Al-Tajir, head of the defence team, commented on the verdict saying ‘it addressed the heart of the matter and was an honest and professional decision as the judge was not influenced by any external political circumstances’. He pointed to the independence of the judiciary which led to a fair verdict after having carefully considered the merits of the case. On the other hand, the lawyer and former MP Fareed Ghazi stated: ‘some might be surprised by the court’s rulings, but they are based on the evidence presented to the court’.