Al-Jishy and Al-Quood participate in Geneva
Conference on Women

A parliamentary delegation participated in an international seminar in Geneva at the end of September 2009. The conference was entitled ‘are there available opportunities for women to participate in parliamentary elections?’ The delegation included Dr. Bahiyah Al-Jishy (Shuraa MP) and MP Latifa Al-Quood who pointed to the continuous efforts in Bahrain since the Kingdom joined CEDAW to help women gain their full rights. The delegation added that the absence of family law represents one of the major challenges facing Bahrain in this regard as only the Sunni part of the law had been passed. However, the delegation expressed its optimism regarding the Shia section, hoping it would likewise be passed in the near future. Among the obstacles that were discussed during the conference was domestic violence against women and the importance of passing legislation to confront it.